Data Loss Detection & Response

Want to know if your documents are leaked or breached? 
We make that easy.

Be a hero. Track data, leverage proprietary document telemetry and geofence insights, and catch attackers.

Start tracking PDFs for free using the Allure Beaconizer and learn more about our

Data Loss Detection & Response Platform.

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Get Proprietary Intelligence

Allure Beacons generate proprietary geofence and telemetry intelligence. When a beaconized document is opened, this information is logged and an alert is sent to security teams, initiating and informing response. 

Stop & Limit Data Loss

Allure Beacons are undetectable, embedded in highly alluring documents that are in the operational environment. This results in high-fidelity alerts and immediate response to stop and limit data loss.

Catch Attackers in the Act

Allure Beacons pierce common tools attackers rely on for anonymity (TorChat, Hushmail, etc.), allowing security teams to reveal attackers. Findings can be sent to executives and law enforcement to hold attackers accountable.


Delivered As A Service

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Allure Security is delivered entirely as a service. Mean time to value is measured in minutes, with limited to no daily overhead.