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July 13, 2018
Written by Salvatore Stolfo

Nation-State Attack Against U.S. Navy Exposes the Weakest Link: Third-Party Contractors

In June, the Washington Post covered the revelation that the Chinese government successfully breached an unnamed...

July 06, 2018
Written by Salvatore Stolfo

CCPA: More Reason for real-time breach detection

The first GDRP-like law passed in California, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018,  which will undoubtedly...

June 26, 2018
Written by Jonathan Wolf

Four Lessons from Tesla’s Insider Breach

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against the employee CEO Elon Musk said “committed sabotage against the company,” ...

June 07, 2018
Written by Salvatore Stolfo

GDPR compliance drives need for advanced data Loss solutions

It is now June, 2018 and GDPR has arrived and is already in full force. It didn’t take long for complaints to be...

May 31, 2018
Written by Salvatore Stolfo

Active Defense with Deception Technology

As Gandhi once said, "An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." The same could be said about using...

March 08, 2018
Written by Mark Jaffe

Plans to Do Good and to Do Well

Today we announced that I have joined Allure Security as CEO. I’m excited to share more about my decision to work...

November 29, 2017
Written by Allure Security

How to Be a Professor-preneur - or How to Make an Impact Outside the Academy

As a security researcher for some two decades now, I’m quite familiar with how security has always been an...

May 11, 2016
Written by Allure Security

Making the End User Part of the Solution (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Verizon Data Breach Report)

Back in 2014 I was a writer and marketer making a late in life transition into the wild world of cyber security....

April 22, 2016
Written by Allure Security

Links We Love: 5 Stories of Deception Tech and Decoys in Security

#1 Cartographic Copyright Traps

April 19, 2016
Written by Allure Security

Use Your Illusion: Decoys & the Security of Deception

We’ve covered how folks have used deception since ancient times - without touching on all the other ways we use...