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ESG Infographic: Securing Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Written by Mikala Vidal

ESG recently conducted a survey aimed at better understanding the data security challenges organizations are facing as they migrate sensitive data to the cloud. Findings show that many are moving data to the cloud faster than they can secure it, and have concerns about their abilities to detect, manage and limit data loss, and hold bad actors accountable.  

ESG infographic (image) cropped-1

Finding the right balance is key

There are many reasons for organizations to adopt a cloud-centric approach to IT. Cloud file shares are a cornerstone of any digital transformation initiative, as they facilitate greater collaboration and provide support for remote workers. As a result, organizations will continue to migrate applications and data to public clouds for the foreseeable future. So too, concerns around the security of cloud-resident data will persist until organizations employ processes and technology that can secure their data regardless of where it resides. A key piece of any solution is data loss detection and response. This includes the ability to track data, detect early breach activity, identify attackers, and respond with countermeasures.

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